The School of International   Business follows an opening strategy and has establishes cooperative relations with many government agencies, enterprises and domestic and overseas universities.

Dongfang College has been established by Shandong University of Finance and Economics in cooperation with Shandong Gold Group, and the above two institutions are therefore our primary partners.

As Dongfang college is located in the city of Taian, the School of International Business has signed cooperation agreements with many local government agencies, international business firms and universities such as Taian Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Taian Chamber of E-Commerce, Shandong University of Science and Technology to makes full use of the social educational resources.

The School also benefits from exchanges and partnerships with dozens of overseas institutions such as University of Southern Queensland, Massey University, Napier University, Campbellsville University, and St.Clair College, in an endeavor to foster talents with a global vision.

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