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Student Papers with no Plagiarism

Most educational institutions of higher education check all student papers for plagiarism. What is plagiarism? In short, plagiarism is the presence in the text of direct borrowings from various sources, i.e. the copied text from another resource (for example, from an essay, books, articles that are available in the internet) without reference to the source.

Any educational work, for example, abstracts, term papers, or diplomas, requires more than just a mechanical rewriting of the text, i.e. copying information from existing sources. Students need to know how to express their own thoughts, make analysis, do research, and draw conclusions.

The allowable percentage of plagiarism is from 30 to 40% depending on the requirements of a particular professor or university. This means that the work must contain at least 60-70% of the original text. It should be noted that 30-40% of the borrowed text should be referenced.

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How to Use Program that Check Plagiarism

No matter whether you yourself have written an essay or ordered it from us, you can check it with special programs that show you if your text is original. If you have created the paper yourself, then the easiest and most convenient option for you is to use various services available online. There are many popular checkers for plagiarism online that you wont have any difficulties in choosing the one that suits you most. While some services require you to register in order to use the program, others allow you to check your text for uniqueness without registration.

When youre register, youll get the login and password. Then you need to enter into your personal cabinet and attach the file you want to test.

When the check is over, on the screen, you will see a table showing the percentage of total originality of the attached file. The table also shows the sources from which information was taken, as well as contains references to the source and the part of the source used in the text of a work.

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Get Unique Papers on time4essay.com

Each paper is performed to meet the requirements of your university and specifications of your professor. The main principle of our work is not using ready-made works from the internet. When writing both theoretical and practical papers we use only new information sources (books, articles, manuals, periodicals, archival data) and electronic resources to obtain relevant, statistical, and analytical information (the internet, magazines, and scientific publications).

All projects available on our service are made with high originality and verified for uniqueness with special programs. All papers are custom and are consistent with the requirements of a supervisor and student.